About Us

"It's all about the people"

That's true with any business, but it seems to be overlooked when it comes to movies.

At Who's In It (as you may have guessed) we're focused on the people on screen, and those directing them.

A more deliberate recommendation engine

When a friend recommends us a movie, our first thoughts are:

  1. 1 What's it about?
  2. 2 Who's in it?

However, most movie recommendation engines are based on the first question, analyzing reviews of the movies themselves, and relying on algorithmic relationship to the 2nd question.

With Who's In It, your "people preferences" directly drive and influence what movies we recommend to you.

recommendation filtering

You're Always Center Stage

As you vote on actors and directors, your recommendation scores become more accurate, and more common.

Movie recommendations have never been this personal.